Leslie’s BAS Round Robin Blocks

I remain in an insane quilt round robin and lastly completed dealing with Leslie’s blocks. These were beautiful blocks to decorate, and I absolutely unwinded and delighted in the procedure this time.

On the chain stitch block, I wove ribbon through a base row, embroidered 2 wavy chains and put woven spider wheels in between, then included separated chain stitch, and French knots utilizing silk ribbon, DMC Perle # 8, YLI’s Jean Stitch and DMC # 5.

On the stem block. I embroidered split stem, stem stitch roses, and I crocheted a trim to cover the curved joint. 10/2 cotton was utilized for the crochet braid, and YLI Denims Stitch and DMC floss– 6 hairs were the threads utilized for this block,

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