Joyce’s BAS RR Blocks – Blanket and Chevron

Joyce’s blocks got here in the mail today, and I began dealing with them right away.

Here is an image of her Blanket Block:

This block had really a couple of colors in it, so I got the hex color of the blue area I wished to embroider, then utilized the green that is a split complimentary of it for the crossed buttonhole stitch, the little straight stitch stem, and the little-detached chain sews for a leaf. The “flowers” were made with blue-green sequins kept in a location with little seed beads.

To include a bit more of the green to the block, I sewed some French Knots on one of the formerly sewn joints.

The 2nd block I ended up was her Chevron block:

Chevron Joyce

I included some metal rick-rack trim couched in a location with the chevron stitch. I included to the joint treatment on the left by included a white straight stitch inside a separated chain sew to match the one on the other side.

To complete off that joint, I stitched some little seed beads down the. That joint had plenty of actions to it prior to I included mine, and now it is truly complicated. If this RR taught me anything, it’s that the more methods and passes utilized on a joint, the more I like it.

The bottom corner was blank, so I painted a little butterfly concept I had, and beaded that. It perfectly completes that bottom corner.