About Us

Thank you for visiting my blog!

Want to learn to sew, knit, crochet, stitchcraft and tons more? I’ve got you covered!

What you will find here:

* Images and reports on the jobs I have on hand, in some cases consisting of style notes and where things went right or wrong.
* Ended up projects
* My deal with any difficulties I have actually faced at any given time, although there are none at this moment.
* Excellent quality, proof-read articles with great spelling and grammar and without large spaces (excessive whitespace) – ideally!

From time to time I publish:

* Tutorials on elements of embroidery that individuals are most curious about, specifically raised work/stumpwork.
* Articles on topics I understand a minimum of something about.
* Hyperlinks to others’ work that I have actually discovered particularly intriguing and/or to retail websites where you can get materials that are not so simple to find, (such as wire for stumpwork and so on).
* Something entertaining that isn’t stitchcraft associated, however that is safe which might spread out a smile 🙂