Crazy Quilting: Pam’s BAS RR Blocks

I got influenced to insane quilting once again, and I completed the last set of blocks in this round-robin.

This is the Anything Goes Block where I included the Bullion bumblebee, and a button Path with bullion flower, pearls, shell buttons, and different shapes and sizes of crystal and clear beads.

Anything Goes block

The buttonhole block has up and down buttonhole sewed with 2 hairs of Elegance 100% silk # S1044– my brand-new preferred embroidery thread, and a buttonhole feline outline stitched with 2 strands DMC cotton:

Buttonhole block

The chevron block has an S shape style in chevron sew DMC size 8 # 741 with the edge beaded in 1101-72 Glass 2 cut silver-lined beads. French knots 2 hairs Elegance 100% silk 2 covers S952 along with the bottom best sleeve embroidery:

Chevron Block

The Cretan block has a rotating height Cretan sew black DMC Size 8. I included a Paisley braided chain sew DMC Size 8 # 320, Stem Stitch DMC Size 8 # 3326, copper beads around the paisley, and a copper butterfly:

Cretan block

The Detached Chain Stitch Block has an Indian mirror bead, straight stitch, French Knots – 3 wraps, detached chain stitch with DMC size 8 # 310:

Detached Chain Block

The feather stitch block has a feather stitch with a trellis in each fork – half hitches on each leg. DMC Size 5 #4210 variegated:

Feather Block

The Herringbone block has mirrored herringbone stitch in Splendor 2 strands 100% silk, glass Beads Darice Size 6 1106-07 Gold and straight Stitch DMC size 8 #320:

Herringbone block

The Overview block has an overview curve with Delica Size 11 DB0906 Spkl Purple Lined Crystal, and some butterflies were included made with Metal Wooly Nylon M309, DMC Floss 3 hair bullion body, 3 hair French Knots for the head, and 2 hairs for the antenna, back sew antenna:

Outline block

Last however not least, the Straight sew block has an applique heart with a sequined and beaded fan shape in the corner, and chain sews curves on the left side with removed chain stitch and French knots. The ribbon is back sewed, and so is the bottom style, with some more French knots.

Straight block

Hugs to all!

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  1. I am looking to purchase an embellished, embroidered quilt square approximately 12” x12”. Is there anyone interested and what would the cost be?
    Thank you!

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