Three cute, valentine-inspired machine embroidery designs and related projects

New Love Design Coming Soon on Meringue Designs

I would be digitizing up some valentine motivated styles due to the fact that many of what I have actually seen so far is quite ugly if I weren’t on the trip here in Florida this week. Here are 3 adorable styles that I found that broke the super-cheesy and influence some easy valentines tasks.

1. I LIKE and strive to digitize styles as adorable as what I discover on this website. Inspect out the brand-new love style that was included in the current e-mail. The fabric/design mix is incredibly wonderful.

2) I am normally not a substantial fan of, however, I believe this little heart border from would be adorable on a knit headband for a girl.

Heart Border from Ann the Gran
Heart Border from Ann the Gran

3) I am uncertain why I like this style, however, I simply do. It’s a little picky, however, I believe it may look cool on some placemats that may be utilized for a unique valentines supper. Or perhaps I simply value the quantity of time and ability is required to digitize this style.

Given that Valentine’s Day is everything about revealing your love, why disappoint the love by embroidering a present for the ones you enjoy? As soon as I get a house, and– yes– I guarantee to stop talking about it and begin digitizing and sewing myself.

Stay tuned!