Vogart Pattern 692- Graceful Butterfly

I appreciated this classic butterfly pattern for years prior to I lastly sewed it. If you require a bit of practice with these 2 stitches, I recommend this one!
vintage butterfly full

This specific pattern was initially an iron-on transfer from Vogart Embroidery Patterns. By the appearance of the initial product packaging, it appears like it was marketed in the mid-1950s.

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Packaging from the original Vogart 202 “Graceful Butterflies” Set

In 1932 an animation called Mickey Mouse was developed (you might have heard of it) and the Style Arts Co got licensing from Disney to print Mickey Mouse marked pillowcases. Up up until then, all Style Needlecraft patterns were marked. As you may picture, the sales of the brand-new Mickey Mouse patterns were really popular.

Packaging from the reissued Vogart

Packaging from the reissued Vogart “Graceful Butterflies” set.

From the 1930s to the 1960s the Vogart Embroidery Pattern Co (likewise called the American Thread Co) released numerous iron on and stamped embroidery patterns. They typically “recycled” or reissued styles in the later years. The pattern sets are numbered from the 100s to the 700s, although the business never ever produced over 600 initial patterns.

This is simply a touch of details on among the 3 big iron-on embroidery transfer business that cranked out patterns from the mid to late 1930s to the 1960s! I hope this bit got you thrilled for more information!

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Back to Vogart 692!

As I pointed out previously, I sewed this pattern utilizing 3 standard stitches: daisy, french knot, and stem (and a touch of satin stitch, if you prefer). These are 3 excellent stitches for what I will call, “separated practice”.

itqh blog vintage butterfly pillow close

What you can play in this pattern is color! Ombre, spread, all one … there are numerous variations!