Silk Ribbon Embroidery: Smocked Bridal Purse

So, I’ve completed the smocking and the back smocking on the bridal purse.

Backsmocking on the bridal purse

I can organize the gathers and remain to sew them in location prior to building the rest of the handbag.
To connect a stay, simply cut a piece of material bigger than the pattern piece. On the staying material, mark the center of the frame and mark both ends.

Lay the smocked piece over the stay, matching up the center of the smocked style with the center marking from the frame.

Baste around the smocked location to hold the 2 pieces together. Now the embroidery location has actually been supported and is prepared for sewing.

Here is the reverse side of the basted layers.

Reverse side of basted smocking

Now to sew on beads and silk ribbon flowers. When the embroidery is completed, I will sew some event rows along the bottom and organize the gathers.