Miniature Embroidery Completed!

My mini embroidery trial project is ended up! In general, I liked dealing with it– a lot!! Similar to the majority of tasks, now that it’s ended up, I can take a retrospective view on the experience and conclude that, sure, there are a couple of things I ‘d alter if doing it once again … however, in general, I’m quite delighted with the wee thing.

In the initial package, the material was a 28 count pink checkered linen, which was to be sewn over 2 threads. If the piece were sewn by the set instructions, the last project would be in between 5 and 6 inches square.

I utilized one thread of DMC in the colors advised for the set. The beads included with the package (Mill Hill Petites) were too big to be part of it!

The finished size of the embroidery is just barely shy of 1.5″ x 1.5″. I used the tent stitch (half cross stitch) for the whole piece.

In needlepoint, which typically makes routine usage of tent stitch, the stitches are usually constantly operated in one instruction. I discovered that when adjusting a cross stitch style– particularly one with various parts pointing in 4 various directions in the corners– it is appropriate, smart, an excellent concept, needed even, to alter the instructions of the tent stitch … I figured that out a bit late with some parts of the style.

In the initial package, the within the parallel lines that comprise the main diamond is filled with Algerian Eye sew worked in white. I expect I might have been a bit daring and filled out the diamond hence, however, I liked it much better as it is. I thought the filling stitches would crowd the piece excessive.

Now, for another treat, here’s a picture Ginger sent out of a mini coverlet, sewn in surface area embroidery stitches. The silver stitching and the silver lace on the edge are truly great, and I like the idea that it is all normal surface embroidery!

Speaking of silk gauze, I believed I had a link to someplace online that provides 72 gauge silk gauze. Does silk gauze come in such a great mesh? I believe I like this little stuff – not for looooong term, on-going embroidery, trust me! But for small projects, I really like going micro!