Hardanger Embroidery stitches

A few of the Hardanger Embroidery Stitches consist of Running Stitch, 4 Sided Stitch, Hem Stitch, Buttonhole Stitch, Squared Edging Stitch, Eyelet Hole Stitch, Star Stitch.

Running Stitch:

It’s the exact same as basic running stitches. A mix of some little sized straight stitches.

Four Sided Stitch:

This is an easy square developed with 4 straight stitches. It looks excellent with Kloster Blocks.


1. Bring out the threaded needle at point A

2. Insert the needle at B and pull it out at C

3. Insert it again in A and pull out through D

4. Insert in C, pull out through B

5. And, insert in D.

Star Stitch:

This stitch is simply the exact same as Algerian Eye Stitch. Start the embroidery at a point and produce 8 spokes around the center point. Ensure to keep the range in between beginning point and ending point of each spoke very same.



Diamond Eyelet Stitch:

I have actually currently done a post on this stitch. It’s nearly like Star Stitch, the distinction remains in the shape generally. Here, the spokes will form a diamond shape from a center point.

Hem Stitch:

It offers a lacy result of the filling stitches. This stitch is done within the edges of staying threads after drawing out some threads.


1. Pull out the threaded needle through point A. (This point ideally should be under two threads of the area from where some of the strands have been removed for creating the design).

2. Take the needle upward and loop the threaded needle around two sets of the remaining threads of the fabric.

3. Take the needle down the fabric and pull it up through B.

4. Continue the process.

Buttonhole Stitch:

It is perfect for ending up the edges. IT can be utilized with the blocks in the style and permits the edge to follow the style.


1. Pull out the threaded needle through the fabric.

2. Insert the needle at A  (It should be a bit up from the point through which the needle was pulled up).

3. Take it out through B. Make sure you are pulling out the threaded needle over the thread at point B.

4. For any corner design, just keep the starting point (A) same for two or three buttonhole stitches.

Squared Edging Stitch:

The edges look neater when embroidered with this stitch. And more significantly, this stitch can be done quickly, with no additional looping threads.



1. Bring out the threaded needle at A, insert in B and pull out through C

2. Insert in A and bring out through C

3. Insert in D and pull out through the fabric from E.

4. Continue steps from 1 to 3 for completing one side of the stitch.

5. After completing one side, pull out the threaded needle through D and insert it in B

6. Pull out from D and repeat the previous step.

7. Bring out through C and insert in D.

8. Bring the needle out through F and continue the same process.

These are a few of the Hardanger Embroidery Sews that are utilized to produce styles. In the next post, I will be dealing with the styles of the staying thread bars.

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