Hand Embroidery: On Needle Threaders – and a Really Small One!

Recently I have actually been working on some small embroidery tasks. Technically, they’re a petit point– they’re worked on 48 count silk gauze.

As I deal with any embroidery project, I want to be clear the project can be available to anybody who wishes to use it, too. And in some cases, this can be difficult, particularly when dealing with little scale embroidery.

There’s constantly lighting and zoom to assist when it comes to seeing little scale stitching.

When it comes to doing specific things– for example, threading a little needle– it’s often difficult to discover a service if problems develop.

No matter what sort of needle I utilize, the pinch and saw the technique of threading constantly sees me through.

For some folks, threading a needle is harder– and not being able to thread a great needle can put them off their stitching video game completely. I figured I’d look for out a great needle threader that really works for little needles.

Needle Threaders for embroidery needles and very fine needles

Many of the common wire needle threaders out there can’t deal with little needles when it comes to threading a needle.

Those affordable wire threaders (you understand the kind: a small wire connected to a piece of tin or plastic) may fit into the needle’s eye. When you include the thread and begin to pull the wire back through, the tight fit frequently triggers the wire to break or to separate from the tin or plastic base.

The most steady kind of needle threader has a flat, thin hook on it. The hook is an important part of the body of the threader. It’s not just a wire connected to a base.

I began browsing for a flat-hook needle threader with a teeny small hook that would fit into smaller sized needles’ eyes.

I questioned I’d discover one.

The majority of the flat hook needle threaders appear like these, or some setup thereof:

Needle Threaders for embroidery needles and very fine needles

These are outstanding needle threaders. They are big– even their little ends are big! The little ends work on about a # 7 crewel needle relatively quickly.

I’m utilizing # 10 beading needles, which are considerably smaller sized!

Needle Threaders for embroidery needles and very fine needles

Lo and see, ultimately, I discovered the acorn threader included in the very first picture above. It’s made by Puffin & Co.

They make 2 sizes of ornamental flat-hook threaders, and among them is a micro threader.

The threaders can be found in various setups (a bunny rather than an acorn, for instance), so you can get all seasonal with them if you desire!

The threader has a great magnet on the back of the micro threader, to keep it from escaping someplace (it’s quite a little, after all).

Now, the micro threader is not always a simple fit into the # 10 beading needles, particularly with the silk thread I’m utilizing (a single hair of Soie de Paris). It does work if you utilize a cautious rocking movement to pull the threader and the thread through the eye.

Needle Threaders for embroidery needles and very fine needles

I believe the threader would work even much better if it didn’t have a little burr on the end of the hook. I’m quite sure this was the luck of the draw– it simply took place that I got a threader with a burr on it.

If you’re at a store, you can constantly feel the completion of the hook thoroughly to look for a burr, however, if you’re purchasing online, you will not have the chance to feel the threader initially, undoubtedly.

Even with the small burr (which I’m going to attempt to rub out), the micro threader still operates in my little needle– which’s an incredible thing!

I enjoy it! And I’m happy I gambled and attempted it!

Where to Find Needle Threaders

You’ll most likely discover a good choice of needle threaders readily available there if you have a regional needlework store or even a regional quilting store.

Some threaders, you can discover at chain material shops on the concepts wall.

I purchased my Puffin & Business micro threader through Needle in a Haystack. If you’re looking for a truly little threader, make sure to pick the micro threader!

There you have it. A small flat hook needle threader that operates in little needles. And it’s charming, to boot!