Going Micro with Needle & Thread

Checking out the various drawn thread methods have actually been enjoyable, and I’m itching to begin on some other strategies, such as satin stitch over tracking. As with every long, sluggish project, a break is an excellent thing!

I have actually truly fallen for the little thing– the more I see it, the more I like it. I’m intending on having it framed in a routine frame, with a small hole in the mat …

So, here I have actually been, mulling this concept of mini embroidery over in my head.

I understand it isn’t anything brand-new– some individuals obviously do mini embroidery for the enjoyable of it, with no unique function. They like it like I like goldwork. Others produce little mini tasks for doll houses.

For my ‘break’ from the whitework sampler, I chose to go micro, and see about this mini embroidery thing. Oh, do not get me incorrect– there are some counted cross stitch products these days that I discover actually appealing and that I believe would be terrifically enjoyable to work. I like the historic samplers, and the Quake appearance, and I truly like some of the Long Pet dog samplers– they’re quite cool.

I question what it would be like to go micro with routine surface area embroidery. Teeny small– super-duper-tiny– surface area embroidery stitches on a wee sampler may be something worth attempting.

I picked a style that I have from a Sweetie Tree set I purchased a couple of years ago when I was on holiday. Shadow work runs around 56 threads per inch (I counted around 7 threads per 1/8 inch). This is good, however, I desired to make sure the stitches were appropriately supported.

With this mini embroidery things, particularly on material that’s 48 threads per inch, a complete cross stitch is excessive when dealing with one hair of routine cotton floss. The half cross stitch is what I’m utilizing– camping tent stitch.

I have actually faced a couple little issues:

Tiny needles have a propensity to sink into the side of my thumb and trigger the skin to divide. * sigh * And it injures like the dickens.

In some locations of the style, this is quickly fixed with sewing in the opposite instructions, though I recognize this simply “isn’t” done in petit point, from what I comprehend! The style has rather a couple of half cross stitches showed, as well as the instructions in which they ought to be worked. It does assist to alter the instructions of the sewing to fit more with the style.

The style relies greatly on beads for accents. The Mill Hill small glass beads loom over the sewing like huge doughnuts!

I made the funniest (most outrageous) sewing error ever. Well, I believe it’s amusing! Maybe the majority of individuals will not observe it, however, so I’m not going to discuss it now.

When sewn according to instructions on the little package it came in, the style itself is typically over 5 ″ square. With the material I’m utilizing, it’s simply hardly 1.5 ″ square.

Now, the great thing at this point would be a picture … however not! Search for it later on today. I ‘d like to complete the entire piece.

Have a great day! I hope you have time to get some stitching in!