Leslie’s BAS Round Robin Blocks

I remain in an insane quilt round robin and lastly completed dealing with Leslie’s blocks. These were beautiful blocks to decorate, and I absolutely unwinded and delighted in the procedure this time.

On the chain stitch block, I wove ribbon through a base row, embroidered 2 wavy chains and put woven spider wheels in between, then included separated chain stitch, and French knots utilizing silk ribbon, DMC Perle # 8, YLI’s Jean Stitch and DMC # 5.

Chevron block
On the chevron block, I included a location of double chevron, closed fly stitch leaves, stem stitch, French knots, and half chevron. Threads utilized were YLI’s Denims Stitch, DMC floss, Wooly Nylon metal, and Wildflowers.

Cretan block
On the Cretan block, I included open pyramid Cretan sew, buttonhole bar, fly, French and straight knot stitches. Threads utilized were Wildflowers, Threadworx, and my hand colored 100 wt silk thread.

DYO block
On the do your own thing block, I embroidered the whole time the leading curve attempting to make it appear like lace. I utilized stem, directly, separated chain and French knot embroidery stitches with one hair of a great DMC linen thread.

Feather block
On the plume block, I embroidered 61, yes 61 bullion loops sew with 15 needle wrap for each stitch, French knots, and triple plume stitch, utilizing 12 wt Aurifil cotton thread– 1 hair, DMC Rare-earth element 1 hair, and DMC rayon– 2 hairs. The bullion loops are on the joint on them.

Fly block
On the fly block, I embroidered wavy fly, Hungarian braided chain, straight stitches, and French knots, with 30wt Sulky, Silk buttonhole twist, YLI Denims Stitch, and DMC Pearlescents.

Herringbone block
On the herringbone block, I embroidered removed herringbone, removed chain, oyster and double herringbone stitches with 2 hairs of my hand colored 100 wt silk, YLI’s Jean Stitch, and DMC Perle # 8 threads.

Stem block

On the stem block. I embroidered split stem, stem stitch roses, and I crocheted a trim to cover the curved joint. 10/2 cotton was utilized for the crochet braid, and YLI Denims Stitch and DMC floss– 6 hairs were the threads utilized for this block,