Autumn and Thanksgiving Embroidery Patterns

Fall is my preferred season. The nights and early mornings are cooler, and the daytime summer season heat is no longer so extreme. In our contemporary lives, we no longer issue ourselves with collecting the fields and stockpiling for the winter season, however in our own methods we still naturally start to alter our focus and make our own preparations for awaited vacations and winter.

When the sun sets on our year, I like to believe of fall as the time. We get our work completed and put our tools away prior to retiring into our relaxing house for the night. There we make preparations for the brand-new day.

Fall is a time of reflection and thanksgiving. Preferably, it is a time to commemorate and share our abundance and true blessings with friends and family. This year, we have actually produced and revamped some celebratory and charming hand embroidery patterns to generate the fall thanksgiving season.

When foliage is still green however beginning to make that shift, our very first pattern catches autumnal color modifications. The material panel is yarn colored Essex linen by Robert Kaufman in the color Aqua, and we have actually pre-printed the pattern
onto the material.

Our happy harvest pattern is a chance to play with beautiful autumn colors on a simple and rustic design.

Let us not forget to appreciate this season. Our finest regional radio host urges us every day to consider a minimum of 3 things that we’re grateful for.

Pumpkins are one of my preferred things. Pumpkin pie is my FAVORITE.

Oliver Owl makes his look in his autumnal clothes. As soon as or two times this time of year, we have actually a disallowed owl that visits us. Definitely interesting bird.


Its who-who-hoot is breathtaking, enchanting, and at the very same time scary. I like to see him, however, in the back of my mind, I’m believing it’s going to gouge my eyes out or swoop down and bring away the next-door neighbor’s lap dog.

With summer season unwinding it’s a good time to begin a brand-new stitching project, however likewise do not forget to leap in a huge stack of leaves this year!