Jenny McWhinney and “Mini Kits…Little Goat, Wash Day”

It is years back now that I bought a “lot” of Jenny McWhinney’s Mini Kits … I am in the procedure of completing up all of them. I began these over 5 years ago so that is a long time now. Many if not all are still readily available on her site. Love the fuzzy…

In the Scheme of Things…Color makes a Difference 

It is my enjoyment to let you understand that I have “3”, not 2 more to go … (one was buried). Wanting I had just 2 left would have been great however likewise recognizing that these sets sew up rapidly it is great by me. In the images listed below, you can see the distinction…

Little Owl Silvery Moon

The image on the photo is darker compared to the real thing. A much brighter embroidery … I like it!

Little Dog Dinner Time

I am delighted to be getting them completed. Not sure what I am going to do with all of them. If one desired to alter something I would alter the summary on the back, charming canine …. It was recommended to do it in black, however, I altered it to the color of the ears….

12 Mini Kits Finished

Not sure what I am going to do with all of them. Sewing them assists keep my blood pressure down! I have to state “my” 2 outright favorites are “Little Tree Frog, Tropical Flowers” … Little Squirrel, Gathering Berries (liked the mushrooms) I may simply embellish our visitor space with them. Tends to get discussions…