Halloween Patterns, Revamped!

Halloween, what?

Sewjen, you cray-cray! Halloween’s a couple of months away!

If you can think, it’s just 2 months out! Now, I understand it’s tough to believe of a vacation that’s 2 months away, specifically when the summer season sun is still blazing over many of us.

We have actually chosen to blow the dust and cobwebs off of a few of our preferred Halloween patterns from the previous years and provide a little polishing up with real effort.

Now with that little bit-o biz out of the method, let’s see what thrilling, thread-raising patterns we have at Sewjenaissance beginning with a devilish play on Clementine, among our initial styles!

Clementine’s favorite scary accessory is this spindly spider.

These next 2 are enjoyable variations of our initial owl patterns, likewise a few of our earlier styles. They believed it would be enjoyable to get gored up a bit for the season. Is that a chicken wing graft?

With summertime unwinding it’s a good time to begin a brand-new stitching project, however likewise do not forget to make a remarkable outfit this year!

Thanks for inspecting us out and have an enjoyable, safe Halloween!

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