Glorious Ribbon Roses

I am making Catherine’s Venetian bag and my box of goodies is simply scrumptious: lovely hand-colored materials, silk ribbons, and threads to deal with.

Here is phase 1 of the ribbon roses (appearing like Madonna’s pointy bra!).

roses 1

roses 1Then the completed roses sewn with the beautifully colored silk ribbons:

roses 2And the roses attached to the silk velvet front of the bag:

roses 3Initially I was expected to be doing Catherine’s Fruitful Abundance bag however I felt I would have more utilize out of the Venetian bag, and it would likewise look terrific shown on a mannequin with my Granny’s bridal gown from the late 1920’s.

Gan's Dress 1

This bag might not take as long to make so I’m hoping to make one of Catherine’s Fritillaries, beautiful embroidered and beaded flower tassels.

Off for some more stitching tomorrow.


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