French Knots: Starting The Third Panel

Back to the start once again, with the 3rd panel, the right-hand man one this time. Up, a sheet with all the pearlworts for this panel:

Can you find the not-so-deliberate error? If you can, you’re doing much better than me, as I’d taken the linen off the frame and put it away in the cabinet prior to it struck me that I’d forgotten to do the main French knots. Revoke the cabinet it came!

I do not like doing French knots in the hand– they’re far simpler to do with the material in a frame, however, it didn’t appear worth installing it back up for simply a couple of knots, so I simply did them like that anyhow.

It indicated the material now looks a bit crumpled, however that’ll be figured out when it gets wet extended in the future.