French Knots: St Cuthbert’s Flowers

Last time I’d got as far as the overview of the flowers and leaves in buttonhole stitch. The leaves, in split stitch:

And then the flowers, in split stitch for the petals and French knots for the centers:

They do not appear similar to that, however, that’s not the ended up product – they’re eliminated and used to a background of red cotton velour. Flowers initially this time:

Then the leaves:

The white adding stitches reveal the center of the background material, to enable me to get the cutout pieces lined up properly.

They’re rather fluffy around the edges like that, from the by now rather torn linen, so I edged them in a couched gold thread, tucking the fluffy bits in as I went:

Much neater!

I then added stalks, also in couched gold:

The gold threads are couched utilizing the exact same shade of green as the leaves, to connect them together.

With the adding stitches eliminated (or the majority of them – there’s one left in the center that I missed out on, though I did identify it later on and took it out):.

The customer-defined the completed piece required to be 54cm x 54cm (21 ″ x 21 ″), to fit an existing frame. As it wasn’t to be a panel to be held on its own, I extended it over a piece of install board I cut to size, instead of anything stiffer.

Pinned and the corners mitered:

Then the back laced:


Despite the fact that it’s to enter a frame, I likewise covered the back, utilizing a gold brocade, though regrettably, I forgot to take an image of that. It will not be seen, however, it completed it off much more perfectly than leaving the lacing exposed.

It’s now with the customer, who appeared extremely delighted, which is constantly great!